Isabella Plantation

This is a narrative of my childhood summer holidays.  With this story I am looking back at the summer’s I would spend with my grandparents and all the activities we would do. This piece is done as if I were my seven year old self talking about all the exciting things we use to do.

I have done lots of things with week with my Nan, granddad and my brother. The first day we spent doing lots of activities in my Nan’s flat. First I did some drawings of what I can see outside the window. Then I watched some TV with my brother when we had lunch. After lunch me and nanny started a puzzle. We did this all afternoon as it was difficult. On Tuesday we went shopping at Clapham Junction. When we was there, we went to the bank and went shopping in Asda for food. We also went to the Library so I could get out some books. The rest of the afternoon I read my books. On Wednesday we went shopping again. This time we went to the Arndale Centre. We went to the pound shop and bought new colouring pens and books. After the pound shop we went to the sports shop and bought some bats and balls so we could play with them at the park. Thursday was the best day as we went to visit the Aunties. We had tea and cake and we talked for hours. Friday we went to Richmond Park. 

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This week was even better than last week. On Monday morning we helped Nanny and Yar clean the flat, it was very dusty. After we finished cleaning we went to the common to play with our new bat and ball. My brother wasn’t very good at playing as he kept missing the ball and having to chase it. When we was at the common we went to the playground. I pushed my brother on the swings and he went so high! It was like he was flying. On Tuesday we went shopping again at the Arndale Centre. This time when we went to the Pound shop we got my favorite sweets, Spearmints.  After shopping we went to the Library because I had finished my books. I got two more books. On Wednesday we went to Richmond Park. It’s been a while since we last went. On Thursday we went and saw the Aunties again.  They each gave me 50p so I had £2. They told me to buy some sweets from the pound shop. On Friday we went to London to the History Museum. I saw so many dinosaurs. Ryan was frightened of them as some of them moved and made noises. I thought it was really cool.


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This was the last week of the holidays.  On Monday we went shopping to Clapham Junction. First we went to the bank, and then we walked to the high street. We went to lots of different shops. Before we left Clapham Junction we went shopping in Asda.  After shopping we went the Library. I needed to read one more book to complete the Library’s summer challenge of reading 10 books. On Tuesday we went to London to see the changing of the Guards. We watched them march through the street. Some guards were on horses. They were really big. After seeing them we went for Lunch.  On Wednesday we stayed in and did some painting. Nanny bought me a painting by numbers. After painting we sat and played cards. We had to let Ryan win otherwise he got upset.  Thursday we went and saw the Aunties. This was the last time we would see them this summer, as the holidays are finishing. We had lots of fun with the Aunties. Friday was the last day of the holidays with Nanny and Yar so we did one last trip to Richmond Park. 

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